Chromatica is out May 29th on Interscope Records

There’s usually a sense of renewal that accompanies rainfall. Whether metaphorically or otherwise, rain can signify coveted new beginnings. For Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, two artists that have weathered significant tribulations on the path to global stardom, their collaboration “Rain On Me” is beyond a fitting revival.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated release of Chromatica, “Rain On Me” offers our first preview into the album’s features and is already reigning supreme. Led by dynamic 80s disco-pop and dancefloor-ready house melodies, the track finds both superstars cultivating enduring strength while demanding liberation.

“Rain On Me” is also the literal personification of dancing with tears in your eyes. Not purely from sadness but rather from perseverance in the face of adversity, courage, and landing on the other side. The new single is a significant moment of unabashed bravery over an irresistible bassline and blazing synths. Further evidence Gaga’s long-awaited return to her electropop roots will be led by an arsenal of sonically stunning twists.

Following the song’s midnight release, the two megastars return with an outstanding music video directed by Robert Rodriguez. Among dystopian cityscapes and torrential downpours, Gaga and Ari truly serve up the empowering freedom felt in the song’s lyrics. The kindness punks from “Stupid Love” return while Grande leads her own army of lavender-clad dancers. The video further develops the world of Chromatica and serves as a fierce visual for an equally perfect pop track.

Chromatica is poised to be Lady Gaga’s most collaborative album to date, with tracks featuring Elton John and BLACKPINK arriving alongside the album’s May 29th release. Visually, the album continues to take a complete life of its own, with the two current videos illustrating distinct aspects of Lady Gaga’s visionary world. Stream “Rain On Me.”

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