“Stupid Love” is out via Interscope Records

Freak out, freak out, freak out — Lady Gaga‘s new single “Stupid Love” is out NOW. Fueled by an interstellar sci-fi aesthetic that is truly out of this world, the single and visual find Gaga mixing stratospheric 80s pop-electronica with the forward-thinking production and sounds that have always distinguished her art. See the Daniel Askill-directed video shot on the iPhone 11 Pro.


On “Stupid Love,” Gaga not only devours every dance sequence, she proves her mission of spreading kindness, love, and teaching acceptance is anything but over. Not only do the tribes unite to smash futuristic dance numbers, but she’s even got the ‘Kindness punks’ fighting for Chromatica. She still wants that stupid love though – a word that for the pop star and fans alike, has shifted meaning over the years. Look no further than the cover art, where the word love is melted within a metal bear trap. It’s cautionary, painful, and not always for everyone – Gaga included – but on this track, she declares needing no reason for wanting it.
While Gaga may have hung up her pink cowgirl hat, for now, “Stupid Love” already has fans around the world buzzing with excitement over the imminent release of #LG6, or perhaps Chromatica, and with good reason. This latest video is a complete departure from the cut-off denim, dive bar tours, and countrified sounds served on 2016s Joanne. Instead, stoking the pandemonium-inducing unpredictability of Gaga’s fierce pop sensibilities. The kind that had us fighting for the remote to catch the premiere of “Telephone.”

“Stupid Love” is produced by Joanne co-mastermind BloodPop and French DJ Tchami, one of the co-writers on ARTPOP‘s “Applause” and “Sexxx Dreams.” Certified hitmaker Max Martin is also credited alongside Gaga, and with artists like SOPHIE and others confirming they’ve been in the studio with the pink-haired Kindness punk – it’s only a matter of time until we can feast on something truly special.

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