PLS&TY is set on making 2017 his best year yet, and we’re convinced he’s easily getting it done.

In two short years, the rising future bass producer has amassed over 30 million streams, released tracks under OWSLA and Dim Mak, and has been featured on BBC Radio 1 and Diplo & Friends. With those major accomplishments in the rear-view, PLS&TY now has his sights set on the future — and it’s sure to be a great one. 2017 has already seen the producer release two unique tracks — ‘Good Vibes’ featuring Cosmos & Creature, and ‘Run Wild’ — along with remixes for Elephante, Opia, Autograf, and a mini-mix for NestHQ.

We recently caught up with PLS&TY after his incredible set at Moonrise Festival — interview below!

We just caught your set and really loved how eclectic it was — where does that stem from?

I’ve always listened to anything and everything. I love dropping throwback Ellie Goulding and Black Eyed Peas — artists and track that really inspired me and got me into dance music to begin with. When I first started making music, this is what I was really listening to — like the Bassnectar remix of Ellie. To be honest, the music I’ve been listening to more recently hasn’t really inspired me or caught my attention like these older tracks that are so good — so I choose to play those instead. It never seems like curve-ball — the crowd always lights up when they hear these tracks mixed into some of my remixes or singles.

What are you listening to now? What’s inspiring you to create?

I’m currently listening to Lido and Mura Masa a lot. I try to stay away from music — or at least dance music — when I’m not playing shows or producing (which is basically every day). When I do get a little break, I try to listen to reggae, pop, alternative rock — things that people usually wouldn’t expect me to listen to. I don’t ever get tired of electronic music — but I do need other outlets for inspiration. Listening to a mix of genres really allows me to clear my palette and create my best work.

What’s Moonrise been like for you?

Every festival is its own beast — even Moonrise in a way. The festival has been a total blast, the production is really great and the lineup is actually unreal and so stacked. Today’s crowd was really fun and they were really feeling what I was playing. There was a little rain trouble yesterday which has made it a bit crazy. My shoes are ruined — everyone’s shoes are — but it still has been so cool. It’s my first time in Baltimore and I’m loving it.

What’s next for PLS&TY?

I’m working on a lot of new singles — not necessarily for an EP or album — but a lot of high profile singles with featured vocalists. I have a few remixes planned as well. I also have huge news to announce surrounding ‘Good Vibes’ and ‘Run Wild’ — which are my two new singles. It’s super top-secret at the moment — since we are approaching the final stages, but it’s huge news and I’m excited to share it soon!

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