Allie X is one of the best pop acts to surface in recent history – and even that feels like an understatement.

In the two years since the release of her debut EP, CollXtion I – the Canadian songwriter has been meticulously crafting her sophomore effort, often sharing radio-ready non-album singles, demos, and visual teasers for fans to enjoy, critique, and remix along the way. The end result has been refreshingly addictive and unique.

CollXtion II, released in June, is a slice of pop perfection, visually and sonically a massive leap forward for Allie X, and quite simply one of the best albums of the year. From the album’s lead single ‘Paper Love,’  to ‘Need You,’ ‘Casanova,’ and ‘Lifted’  every song on the album will have you clicking the repeat button to no exhaust, and we can’t blame you. Allie X’s lyrics are intoxicatingly distinct  often whimsical, reflective, witty, and always accompanied by superior, dark synth-pop. Not to mention Allie’s dynamic and booming voice which reverberates off every track like dripping, liquid gold.


Allie recently embarked on the first leg of her CollXtion II Tour – making multiple stops across North America before landing in Washington, D.C. – the city which, coincidentally, has also purchased the most copies of her new masterpiece, to date. It was a memorable night for all, but especially for fans that have diligently waited for years to catch Allie live. Those lucky enough to snag a ticket to her sold-out set at Songbyrd witnessed a superstar in the prime of her existence – effortlessly out-singing her album recordings (which is no easy feat) while casting an irreversible and welcoming spell over her growing legion of loyal fans. A familiar equation for pop stardom.


Opening with ‘Bitch’ and ‘Catch’ from CollXtion I, immediately drove the crowd into an unwavering frenzy that never seemed to peak. Allie followed by hitting almost every track from CLXII, before running through deep-cut favorites ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Misbelieving’ — and closing with ‘True Love is Violent.’ The experience was transcendent, and one thing was undeniably clear by the show’s end — Allie X is a saving grace in an otherwise drowning pop world.

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