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Nick AM has shared his latest EP, Utopia. This latest effort begins with a soft-spoken vocal sample describing the root meanings of the word Utopia and it certainly could be the best way to start this piece of work. “Utopia, Utopia. The Greeks had two meanings for it: Eutopias: meaning the good place and Utopias: meaning the place that cannot be,” he shares.

With the rise of what can be described as signature Middle Eastern strings, the first track is off to the races with an enticing melody. As soon as the kicks hit, this song has shown you that it means business. This whole EP is filled with crisp sounding drums and well-sanctioned placements of every element and sound. Listeners aren’t overwhelmed by one element or another; it’s truly a cohesive piece.


Nick AM encourages listeners to view him as he sees himself, instead of predispositions of his culture or art. In a short description of the EP, Nick mentions he hasn’t let his skin or background guide his narrative, although proving difficult to ignore entirely. Throughout Utopia, Nick AM is informing the listener as to what his Iranian background and heritage mean to him and how they are a part of him, but not the defining factor as to who he is. He further discusses how negative the lens can be on his heritage and that it is mostly based on misunderstandings. This piece aims to “flip the lens” on how people may view him because of it.

Nick AM’s first shared “Take it Back,” the truly intriguing first single off the EP, in early March. The track takes us into his world and this whole piece does that consistently. The club mix of “Take it Back” could be my favorite track on the EP and it will absolutely be headed into my dance folders. I admire the way it starts itself off with low, ambient chord stabs and kicks. It is a very pleasant way to start a groove intro. Stream Utopia on all available services here.

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