UTOPIA EP due March 17th on 00:00

With his first release of the new decade, Nick AM releases the single, “Take It Back,” from his forthcoming EP, Utopia due on March 17th. “Take It Back” is one of four tracks part of Nick’s sophomore release and it promises to be a tasteful insight into the artist’s inspiration and cultural roots. The release is accompanied by the stunning artwork of Azerbaijani visual artist Faig Ahmed, which lends itself to enhancing the composition’s atmosphere.

Immediately after pressing play, we are taken into Nick’s world and begin to feel the message in the music. An elegant dance tune with layers of emotion embedded into it. In a video explaining the “Utopia” project, Nick says: “The quest for utopia is the root of conflict, thus a perfect society cannot exist.” He goes on to mention: “The consequences of Iran’s conflict with the west and the fear of war between my current home and my motherland inspired my process.”
The use of instruments connected to his culture helps the listener become enveloped in the vibration and of the track. And when the full body of the kick comes in, paired with an ever so gentle clap, we have ourselves one meaningful dance track. The melancholy guitar chords pair so well with the use of Iranian strings that one can’t help but envision the possibilities of what a busy Iranian street could look and feel like. This track is not just a working daydream kind of track either. This track has enough body to it to have a proper play late into the night or even early into the morning. Stream below.

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