“Don’t Let Me Down” is out on Muggelig/BMG Records

Following the massive success of their third album, Milky Chance returns with a new song called “Don’t Let Me Down,” featuring Jack Johnson.

The duo has been a fan of Jack ever since they were teenagers, so working with him was quite the pleasure. “We met him for the first time in 2018 at a festival in Switzerland and then again at Sea.Hear.Now Festival in the US when he came and invited us to jam in the dressing room,” explains Clemens and Philipp. After the festival, they kept in touch and became good friends. That’s how this latest project came to life.

The song arrives with a lyrics video illustrated by Monja Gentschow and Jana Marei and tells a beautiful heartfelt story. Being able to hold onto someone is one of the greatest treasures, especially when everything around you is uncertain, and that’s exactly what inspired “Don’t Let Me Down.” It’s a beautiful tribute to what one might feel when they’re in love.

Constantly being on the road is fantastic, but at the same time, it is very damaging for the environment and our planet. Milky Chance are passionate and proactive supporters of climate change with their blog – Milky Change. During the European leg of the Mind The Moon Tour, they planted one tree after every ticket sold in cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects, which means they planted over 63000 trees in total. They also brought out sustainable merchandise, and they were able to offer second-hand merch at various dates. All the fans had to do was bring an old piece of clothing, and a brand new Milky Chance design was printed on them. See future US dates of the tour here and stream “Don’t Let Me Down.”

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