‘Círculos’ is off Marem Ladson’s new EP, Azul

Indie-folk artist Marem Ladson has shared the music video for “Círculos.” One of the tracks from her new EP, Azul. The visual was shot in Spain and continues the narrative of the EP’s opener, “No Sentir Nada.”

On “Círculos,” Ladson captures her clear consciousness while examining human destiny and fate. Traversing the Andalusian caves and goldmines, the singer-songwriter questions the predetermination of our lives. Leading to the opening line: what if everything was already written from the beginning?

“This is a universal question that many writers and philosophers have discussed throughout history, and it’s something that was on my mind when I wrote the song. If everything is part of a plan and there’s a bigger force that already knows what’s going to happen, then our lives are already determined,” Marem explains.

In between the release of both videos, Ladson shared her 5-track EP, Azul. An exploration of multiple dualities like strength and vulnerability, free-will and divine intervention. In turn, navigating the singer’s deep introspection as she explores the effects on her bicultural heritage and life. The powerful release fuses elements of folk-pop and R&B to create an inviting sound that is personal, universal, and welcomingly timeless.

Azul is out via Mont Ventoux and features “Savior,” a track about finding strength from within. “I’m my own savior now,” she repeats over a delicately strummed guitar. The EP is rounded out by “Fight” and “Nothing Really Matters,” two 2019 singles that first introduced this latest project. The EP follows Marem Ladson’s 2018 self-titled debut album. Stream Azul here.

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