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Day 2 of Lollapalooza came with lots of dubstep and bass music, including Riot Ten, Subtronics, Brownies & Lemonade All-Stars and Friends, and Marshmello to close the show. Another artist with a huge crowd and incredible performance was “What’s Poppin'” rapper Jack Harlow. Check out my Lolla 2021 Day 2 Recap and five artists that stood out to me below!

Riot Ten

The Rail Breaker himself played a set to remember at Perry’s Stage yesterday. With a new album, Hype Or Die: Homecoming, that dropped last week on Dim Mak, he was able to play a lot of new music that many of his fans, including me, were excited to see live for the first time.

Ashley Osborn for Lollapalooza



If you were looking for a set with headbanging music, then Subtronics was the set to see last night. His wookie and wonky music had the crowd vibing at 6 pm on Perry’s stage. He played every wooks favorite song of the year, “Griztronics,” to start his set and kept that energy throughout. One thing that I love about watching Subtronics perform is the way he dances while mixing. He was able to show Chicago, the home of house, a new genre to enjoy!

Jack Harlow

If you know “What’s Poppin’,” then you were definitely at Jack Harlow’s set at the Lake Shore stage yesterday. One thing has to be said: the man is a charmer. He is, without question, someone who holds star power and confidence that shines through, always. He played songs like “Tyler Herro,” “WARSAW,” and “I WANNA SEE SOME ASS,” and the crowd was bumping along to every word and every swaggy dance move. He ended his set with tons of energy on his biggest hit.

jack harlow
Jack Harlow by Ashley Osborn for Lollapalooza

Brownies & Lemonade All-Stars and Friends

B&L All-Stars and Friends might be the greatest concept in EDM right now. Brownies & Lemonade invites DJs who are attending the festival, playing a set or maybe not, to freestyle sets on the spot with one another. Yesterday, they brought out YehMe2, who nearly got me through the past year with his Digital Mirage set that he did live from his kitchen during lockdown. He was equally as inspiring yesterday as he blasted high-energy beats on the Tito’s Stage.


I considered myself Marshmello’s #1 fan at one time, and yesterday brought me right back there. This man does. not. miss. He brought the heat and opened the show with a new collaboration with Ray Volpe, and he had the crowd jumping from the first drop until the last. He played some of my favorites like “Wolves,” “Alone,” “Keep it Mello,’ “Silence,” and many others we have all come to know and love. The Bud Light Stage was souped up for our favorite Mello man too. He could be seen from anywhere in the crowd because the stage was lifted probably 50 feet in the air during most of his performance. You can tell that Marshmello and his team worked tirelessly on creating a set that we would never forget. And they succeeded, as Marshmello closing out Day 2 of Lolla is a set I will never forget.

Marshmello by Taylor Regulski for Lollapalooza

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