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Lady Gaga is no stranger to utilizing fashion and music as a medium for delivering powerful statements, and with the most consequential election of our lifetime looming, the superstar is taking her iconic outfits, music, and guidance to new heights to garner Get Out The Vote (GOTV) buzz.

Since early October, Gaga has shared inspiring videos alongside valuable information and voter resources, such as,,, and others, with the clear message that voting is essential in this election.

“The fact is that the most critical vote right now is the one this country may never get to see – it’s yours,” she declared while appearing in a jaw-dropping, career-spanning montage of outfits. “If you want to change this system, if you want this country to be different than it is right now, you have got to participate in this election,” she continued. See the full clip below.

Throughout her career, Gaga has been a constant voice against discrimination and oppression – using her platform and fashion to highlight injustices levied against her fans and the broader world. As a new artist on a steep rise, Gaga was vocal in the fight for LGBT rights, pro sensible immigration laws, and non-negotiable equality for all people. These values are quintessential to her career and persona and the inclusive community she has created with her music.

In 2010, Gaga spoke out against divisive Arizona Senate Bill 1070, which contains hard-line immigration policies, and even made “STOP SB1070” tattoos available for fans to raise awareness and share their photos with the tattoo on social media. 

lady gaga sb1070
2010: Lady Gaga meets with two gay activists working on immigration rights in AZ. (Photo: Emmanuel Garcia)

Months later, on the night she announced her timeless upcoming album, Born This Way, Gaga was famously escorted at the VMAs by four LGBT discharged service members affected by “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and wore a meat dress in protest. She also redirected her website traffic to the Legal Defense Network advocating against DADT, resulting in widespread interest from the public. While the meat dress is still a divisive fashion choice, Gaga stands by her decision and intended message.

Gaga told Ellen DeGeneres in 2010: “If we don’t stand up for what we believe in, if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones.” Ten years later, as she dons a new meat dress and VOTE-inspired gear, her vision of equality and inalienable rights is as laser-focused as ever, and while the outfits have moderately changed, the message and urgency have not.

lady gaga gotv
2020: Gaga encourages fans to #ServeThePolls and visit for information on how to vote.

Much like the 2010s, Gaga knows the importance of rising to this moment and delivering a message of love, hope, and equality – the inclusive aura her music has always provided as a haven and one that has made her a fearless leader. While she campaigned in 2012 to support President Obama, calling radio stations in key battleground states, and supported Hillary Clinton leading up to the 2016 election, the 2020 election is like none other, and Mother Monster understands the gravity as seen by her attention-demanding use of fashion, iconic songs, and her call to action.

Although in the years since we’ve seen sweeping wins for marriage equality, women’s rights, and healthcare, among other issues, it’s clear these critical topics and our fundamental values as Americans hang in the balance with this election.

Lady Gaga’s tireless advocacy should remind us that now more than ever is the time to step up and continue moving forward, not backward –  for ourselves, neighbors, friends, loved ones, and those unable to vote. It’s a reminder that fearmongering and divisive strategies should never dictate our politics and people. More than that, it’s a reminder that we as Americans deserve better than what we’ve been given for four years.

In the end, whether in a meat dress or strutting in pink platform boots to drop off her absentee ballot, Lady Gaga is slaying 2020 GOTV efforts one sequin at a time.


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Need more information, or ready to vote on November 3rd? Find an absentee drop off or your in-person polling place and hours at

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