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Producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Hush Forte is back with a mellifluous new single, “DOMINICANA.” Featuring flirtatious, slow-burning verses by Aaron and Myquale, the emotive lyrics ember brightly through immersive percussions and melodies.

“Dominicana” is Hush Forte’s first release of the year and arrives ahead of a forthcoming compilation, Look Closely. A glimpse into his tremendous creativity, the track blends hip-hop, alt-jazz, and R&B, into a lush soundscape that closes with a compelling guitar outro. The track also finds the Broward County native revisiting the warm moods and layered textures first introduced on his instrumental debut album, Ardor, while demonstrating a sonic growth that makes for a must-hear release.

Sharing the sentiment behind the track, Hush says: “When I made the beat, I was reflecting on my most recent relationship. Remembering some of the earlier moments, this song feels like the uncomfortable moment in a new relationship where I finally admit to myself that this girl has the power to make me feel really good, but also really crazy.”

Hush Forte’s new single follows “Summer Girl” feat. Q – which has garnered over one million streams and recently featured on the NBA’s BASE:LINE playlist. Hush also recently co-produced femdot’s track, “94 Camry Music,” featured on Toyota’s 2020 Camry TRD campaign. Stream “DOMINICANA” and keep an eye out for this must-hear artist.

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