pluko & Chopsoe’s “redux” is out via Splendid Society: Stream

You might become obsessed with multi-talented artist pluko and stellar Parisian producer Chopsoe‘s new experimental bass track “redux.” From the grandeur of its opening bass chord progression to the grimy synths and powerful drops, the track is an epic off-kilter smash demonstrating the expansive sound and talent of two genre-defying artists.

“I’ve been in a pretty experimental phase in the studio lately. This was probably the last addition to the EP, so it’s super fresh,” shares pluko. “I had this super dramatic track that I was working on when I connected with Chopsoe through the internet, I love his tunes, and we were chatting about music when I had the idea to send him the track.” Inspired by their shared admiration for “pushing the boundaries of sound,” the duo intricately fused menacing bass and complex melodies to perfection.

Reflecting on the past few years, pluko cites attending Governor’s Ball at 16 years old as a catalyst for opening his mind “to what is possible with music.” Roughly coinciding with his debut as an artist, the Pennsylvania native has spent the four years since that significant era, crafting a unique catalog that captures his chameleonic soundscapes. An alluring sound that has attracted over 70 million streams and led to some of pluko’s favorite shows at “Red Rocks, Splash House, Coachella, and Sundara” alongside “the beautiful fans that made those shows possible.”

“Redux” is the second track off an energetic upcoming EP and follows pluko’s single, “feelings,” featuring Marlhy. The releases are a major feat for an artist that just released his second full-length album, COLOR BLIND, in May. “Inspiration is all around, it’s up to you to interpret it however you want,” he shares on creating during tumultuous times. “It’s easy to get in a negative headspace with the current state of the world, but it’s important to learn how to disconnect and still be able to create.” The album follows pluko’s 2018 debut album sixteen – released on Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective label.

Like many artists, quarantine has given the 20-year-old space to focus on his favorite part of the process. “It’s funny my style of production touches on so many genres and influences, but I never go into the studio thinking I’m gonna write a more poppy track or this earth-shattering banger.” Tinkering until hit with inspiration, he recounts his song “feelings” taking only 30 minutes to write, “all it took was for me to hear this acoustic drum groove, and I literally heard the entire song in my head.” With a potent need to create music, and a steady set of releases on the forefront, pluko is set to unveil some of his best work yet.

Until then, fans can enjoy Pluko and Chopsoe’s new single “redux,” out today on Splendid Society – a creative hub created by pluko alongside two of his best friends. While mainly focusing on clothing at the moment, the artist born Sam Martinsen has visions of launching a label side and creating “a global brand that spreads positive vibes and makes an impact on the creative community.” The track is Chopsoe’s first release since his solo single, “Carbon” and latest EP, Self Reality. Stream here.

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