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Elohim returns with an epic and trippy new single “I’m Lost.” The song captures the two sides of the LA-based artist’s irresistible sound while addressing themes of personal growth. Mellow guitar and Elohim’s angelic voice open and lead to a sudden twist of hypnotic synths and harmonizing filtered vocals. The song also carries darker undertones, with menacing samples and a thumping kick drum. It’s another incredible track from an artist that simply does not miss.

“I’m Lost” is accompanied with an equally mind-bending music video by longtime collaborater, Chase O’Black. Shot during the pandemic, scenes include the California desert and the lawless town of Slab City. It also weaves in post-production elements that capture the dissociative, hallucinatory vibes that ensue. Watch below.

The genre-bending ballad follows Elohim’s energetic tracks, “Vaccum” and “Group Therapy.” Discussing the single’s experimental production, the artist shares: “I was playing these bizarre parts using manipulated synths and quite literally lost myself in the process for a moment. The sounds and keyboard parts, the whole experience, took me to another planet.”

Since emerging in 2015, Elohim has released a steady number of standout tracks discussing mental health, vulnerable emotions, and the beauty of human connection. Her last EP, Braindead was released in May 2019 and dealt with themes of mental illness. Proceeds from the EP’s sales were donated to mental health initiatives in commemoration of Mental Health Awareness Month. El is also involved with the JED Foundation, a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for our nation’s teens and young adults. The EP was the first follow-up to Elohim’s self-titled debut album.

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