Phases EP is out via 237 Label

Rising multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Brant Jackson has released his debut EP, Phases, alongside a heartfelt music video for his lead single, “Sacrifice.”

On “Sacrifice,” Brant discusses feelings of anxiety. He recognizes changes are happening and deep down knows he’ll need to sacrifice certain things, such as his relationship, in order to get where he wants to be in his career. According to the singer, the song is “also about letting go, and knowing that the best things in life fall into place when you’re not looking for it.”

The music video perfectly resonates with the song; him sitting in the living room with the furniture all messy, which can represent what is going on in his mind, like dealing with his demons. Watch below.

Whether you’re looking for something more upbeat (“Who Knew”) or something slower for your chill night playlist (“Signs”), Brant’s exciting, introspective Phases EP has got your back. Jackson experiences and examines a plethora of emotions, from contemplating whether a relationship is going to hold him back (“Set Me Back”) to realizing he pushes people away despite not wanting to be lonely (“Foreign”).

While “Signs” is a slow and sad song, it is also steamy at the same time. Brant recalls how his partner looked at him with a “smile on your face, but pain in your eyes” and regrets not communicating with them enough. However, in “Right Down,” he comes to terms with the fact that perhaps what they had wasn’t love.

“Mood Swings” captures the sentiment of being “too young to feel old,” with Jackson pondering his future. He realizes the only person holding him back is himself, which results in him feeling like he is losing the person he truly is. He knows he’s done things wrong, and he also knows that his mood swings affect his relationship; “I feel like I’ll lose you.”

Undoubtedly, with his debut EP, Brant Jackson proves to be a must-hear new artist. Since 2018, the artist has shared a steady amount of singles, but with his first project, he truly shines. Entirely self-produced, Phases is a noteworthy release and should absolutely be in your rotation all year. Listen below.

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