Always Tomorrow is out via Concord Records

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a band sounding better than their recordings. Such is the case with Best Coast as they stopped by Vevo to smash live performances of “Everything Has Changed” and “Different Light.”

Led by the smoky deep perfection of Bethany Cosentino’s voice and Bobb Bruno on gritty distorted guitars, the duo performed tracks from their latest album, Always Tomorrow, and it’s a must-hear fusion of ’60s pop with enticing hues of ’90s alt-rock.

Always Tomorrow is a culmination of the band’s last decade and a whirlwind view into the life of Cosentino. The singer-songwriter previously admitted feeling creatively paralyzed following a life-altering event and the conclusion of their California Nights album cycle. “I couldn’t write music. There was so much bubbling inside of me, so many things happening, so much to process, but I couldn’t get any of it out,” the California artist shared in a press release.

Then, after quite literally locking herself in a closet to write music, “Everything Has Changed” came to light. Though at the time, the song seemed like a distant vision of life, it soon became prophetic and a motivator for Always Tomorrow. After its early February release, the band followed with “Different Light,” another highly-personal track that finds Cosentino further transitioning into a stronger version of herself while led by heavy rumbling guitars and drums.

While the band’s extensive North American tour has been temporarily postponed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, fans will hopefully get to enjoy Always Tomorrow and Best Coast’s incredible past catalog in concert soon. Keep an eye on tickets, reschedule dates and more here. Stream the new album and see past coverage.

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