The Devil Is In The Detail is out on Armada Music

Norwegian trance DJ Ørjan Nilsen is back with his highly-anticipated fourth album, The Devil Is In The Detail and it does not disappoint. The 14-track follow-up to 2018s Prism arrives today and finds the producer experimenting deeply with a new palette of exciting genres and sounds — proving his finger is on the pulse more than ever before.

While “Kiara” “Once There Were Raves” “Samhain” and the album’s title track blast unrelenting trance beats that will have you sweating through your clothing – Nilsen balances his signature sound with must-hear genre-defying tracks that flex his tremendous growth as an artist. “Ghost Ship” is a mellow crossover hit waiting to ignite, “Alone” is soaked in thumping early-2000s glory and “Phantom Heart” is a bouncing pop-tinted track that proudly stands alone. Evidence Ørjan’s ear for captivating melodies, lyricism, and production is boundless and at its absolute height.

Look no further than “Midnight Shine,” a cinematic track which takes cues from trance and deep house while constructing a melody led by a soul-clenching violin. While the Norwegian is no stranger to live instrumentation in his music, this piece shines brightly on Nilsen’s fourth effort as a moment of sonic purity. One that hits at just the right time and will be a spiritual part of his future DJ sets.

“Up & Up” “1 Like You” “The Chosen One” and the hazy late nighter “Reminiscence” round out the album as guaranteed dancefloor scorchers as well. Perfect for soundtracking an all-nighter in one of Europe’s darkest corners. Now, as famed producers chase trends, Ørjan Nilsen plants his feet firmly while welcoming a variety of diverse elements that collectively still tease The Devil Is In The Detail’s mainstream favorability and potential reach. Even despite a peculiar cover that distracts from an otherwise great album. Stream below.


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