The Weeknd has unveiled a new alternate music video for his iconic song, “Can’t Feel My Face.”

A surprise release for fans still enjoying “Take My Breath,” the video arrives as Beauty Behind The Madness, the 2015 album the song is lifted from, celebrates its 6th anniversary. The previously unreleased visual was the original music video shot but was later replaced due to a shift in creative direction.

Yesterday, SHOWTIME and Pepsi also announced a new documentary feature THE SHOW, produced by Boardwalk Pictures, in association with the Pepsi in-house content studio and directed by Emmy Nominee Nadia Hallgren.

“This documentary is a unique glimpse into the passion, work, and cinematic mindset that went into the creation of the show,” says The Weeknd of his performance which garnered over 100 million viewers. “It extends the narrative for fans and viewers who like to get lost in how the historic show we all grow up watching is built.” The 90-minute feature premieres on Friday, September 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Watch the trailer here. See more on Soundazed.


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