“Sono Io” is out via Musicmami Records

Brooklyn-based artist Valentina Blú has shared her new single, “Sono Io.” The song is a declaration of self-acceptance and loving the different parts of yourself that make you who you are. The title is Italian for “it’s me,” and the lyrics incorporate Spanish, French, and English. All languages that were a major part of Valentina’s upbringing.

The idea for “Sono Io” came to Valentina as she navigated a full-on identity crisis. Speaking about the track, she shared it stems “from the need to make peace with all the different parts of me that often feel disconnected, contrasting, and confusing.” In addition to its multilingual lyricism, the song is led by a blend of Mediterranean instrumentation and Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

The song enlists Cairo artist The Spy on oud and Dominican roots musician Yasser Tejeda on guitar. Together, they create a soundscape filled with lush and danceable rhythms perfect for ridding insecurities and absorbing much-deserved self-love.

“Sono Io” was written and produced with Blú’s longtime collaborator, Fernando Faneyte. Since first emerging in 2015, Valentina has shared multiple one-off singles. Most recently, in 2018, she shared five singles, including “higher&higer” and “blackhole,” fusing cosmic textures with a blend of cultures, sounds, and languages. Listen to her latest genre-bender below.

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