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Transgender singer-songwriter and bedroom pop producer awfultune has unveiled her new EP, Dear Sarah. The third chapter in a trilogy of transformation and growth, the release intersects previous bodies of work, michael (representing the past) and layla (representing now and the future), with an unfiltered glimpse into the spellbinding storytelling of independent artist Layla Eden.

Sparked by the success of “I Met Sarah In The Bathroom,” awfultune’s fantastic single that has amassed over 31 million streams, Dear Sarah details an intimate encounter between two friends at a party and the immediate aftermath. More rooted in emotional truth than reality, the EP’s narrative is reflective, personal, and explored in-depth over the course of 3 songs and 2 interludes.

According to awfultune, Sarah represents her bolder, uninhibited alter ego, though originally based on a dear friend. More than anything, it’s a love letter to herself, which is further encapsulated in the song “Dear Sarah.” Layla has a knack for baring her soul on the lyrical page, as seen with this EP, but there’s an unfettered verve in Sarah’s character arc that can be traced to a watershed moment in her own life: a gender reassignment and the subsequent peace Layla found with it.

“While the person I refer to as ‘Sarah’ in my songs was based on a friend, ‘Sarah’ fundamentally becomes the person I worked through a lot of pain to be – someone I love and respect,” shares Layla. “With everything I write, though, I try to take it in a literal sense and also a metaphorical sense. From there, I can seemingly tell a story that my listeners can take literally and enjoy and still keep things pretty fun and entertaining for myself.” Watch the “Dear Sarah” music video below.

In the two years since first releasing music, 22-year-old upstate New Yorker Layla Eden‘s awfultune alias has garnered over 100 million global streams, connecting with listeners thousands of miles away from the bedroom where she crafts her lo-fi creations. She’s also been incredibly open about her transition journey, gaining allies and fans that are incredibly supportive along the way. Her latest project, Dear Sarah, is available now on all digital platforms here.

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