Electric Forest returns on June 27-30

After selling out in record time this year, it’s clearly no secret that Electric Forest is one of the most sought-after festivals in the United States — especially for those who enjoy the company of the amazing EDM community. The festival itself is home to more than 45,000 inhabitants each weekend, nestled in the vast woods of Rothbury, Michigan. Now reverting back to one weekend only, Electric Forest, which prides itself on being one of the most EDM-filled festivals known to man, is ready to deliver an exclusive and immersive experience in the middle of nowhere.

Beyond the gorgeous views of Michigan and dubstep-loving inhabitants, there lies the artists waiting to perform at the festival. Now, we’ve narrowed it down to seven thrilling artists you can’t leave Electric Forest 2019 without jamming out to:

1. Wooli

Known for one of his hit singles, Island, featuring vocalist Nevve, Wooli has been emerging in the EDM festival scene as a melodic trance-like dubstep producer, with similar beats to that of artists like Seven Lions and Illenium. Having admitted to a reporter from Relentless Beats in an interview that he only learned Ableton in December 2015, we’re especially excited to hear his talents shine through during this momentous moment in his musical career.

2. Said The Sky

Trevor Christensen, also known to the EDM community as ‘Said The Sky’, is a personal favorite to the Electric Forest crowd. Known as one of the most highly-demanded artists on the Electric Forest 2019 lineup, you can expect a massive crowd for this set. Though his 2018 album release, “Wide-Eyed”, did not immediately grab the attention of dubstep fanatics, his melodic and enchanting tracks will make any raver stop in their tracks and shout the chorus in a sea of thousands of people.

3. Whipped Cream

As seen in more than a dozen major festivals in 2019, Whipped Cream, a.k.a. Caroline Cecil is brought back by popular demand. Recently being signed by United Talent Agency and Prodigy Artists, this Vancouver-based artist is joining the ranks next to hit artists JOYRYDE, Slander, OMNOM, NGHTMRE and more. Catch her recent single titled ‘Time’ out now.

4. Seven Lions

Known for his ballads that will close out major music festivals, Seven Lions, a.k.a. Jeff Montalvo is back to deliver some true beats at Electric Forest. You’ll find his sensational tracks making a name for themselves as melodic, yet a mix between trance and dubstep, something that many artists shy away from doing.

5. Claude Vonstroke

Known as the Dirty Bird Record King, Vonstroke always delivers the heat. Whether it’s in the middle of the night for the closing of one of the best Chicago venues in 2019 or at a major festival, he’ll never disappoint. Make sure to catch his remix of Jesse Rose’s “Believe” on SoundCloud.

6. Sacha Robotti

Though this artist only has 30,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Sacha Robotti should not be slept on. This artist, as a member of the DirtyBird Record crew, delivers an experience of techno, high synthesizer beats — beats that you’ll have no problem dancing to under the hot Michigan sun. Word to the wise — his #1 single, ‘Melato Nina’ on Spotify, makes for the best car-ride jam. You’re welcome.


Don’t worry, we weren’t going to bring up SNBRN without mentioning one of his hit songs, ‘Gangsta Walk’. Of course, this Los Angeles-originated artist delivers some of the most funky beats known to man, but also some beats you’ll absolutely see dubstep lovers dance to in the crowd. This set is bound to bring a huge turnout, no doubt. Make sure to get a good spot to dance, you’ll be thankful you did.

To see the full Electric Forest lineup, visit their website here.

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