“Last Try” via This is Scandinavia and Sony Music

Immersive and pulsating, yet funky and smooth, the track, “Last Try,” debuted last week from STRØM. The Swedish producer refuses to fit within the confines of traditional genres and is curating a sound of his own. The track is out now on This is Scandinavia and Sony Music.


The fitting partnership between STRØM and This is Scandinavia shows great potential as both pushes a very unique brand image that puts emphasis on meaningfulness and creativity, specifically through music.

The unlikely success struck gold with his previous and only release,Mesmerize in 2017. What was originally produced for a BMW commercial, proceeded to attract the attention of a plethora of music outlets and eventually rose to #1 on Hype Machine.

As a child, he grew up in Stockholm and was involved in music at a very young age. From experimenting with instruments at 7 to playing in bands through his teens, his passion continued into his years as a young adult where he studied music production and sound design in Berlin.

With his debut album expected to release in February, we’re looking forward to what his eccentric and creative, yet familiar and fresh stylings have in store for us.

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