“Coastal Blur” is available via Uppwind Records

Deep house producer OBu has shared his new single titled “Coastal Blur,” his first solo single in nearly three years. Regarded as a specialist in percussive house, OBu blesses listeners with skillful drum lines to create a unique sounding track that belongs in consideration for some big room dancing.

With classical training as a percussionist, OBu showcases his ability to command enticing drum lines that keep a listener moving as soon as we leave the track’s introduction. None of the drum sounds hit too hard or deep to overwhelm the light-hearted keys in the song. Instead, they partner with each other so well to create a constant feeling of oneness while each drum complements the other in an all-around collaborative piece. One can note the subtle horn before each breakdown that fades out in time with the entry of a group of keys. With each breakdown, comes a great use of snare patterns that groove together ever so nicely. Stream “Coastal Blur.”

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