‘Ethanol’ is out now via 22TWENTY 

If you need a reason to dance hard to some insane beats, rising artist Madge‘s new single “Ethanol” is here for you. Bending the rules of forward-thinking pop, the booming ten-tonne melody will creep under your skin, while its filtered vocals are uniquely chaotic and worth every listen.

“Ethanol” examines something we’ve all felt, that indescribable sense that we’re constantly putting out little fires while sparking others. “For every garbage fire I put out in my brain, I find myself dumping gasoline on another,” Madge shares about the track. The careful balance can be difficult and instead of hiding them, the rising artist puts them at the forefront. Ready for mass consumption while shedding a spotlight on “inherited trauma as compulsive self-destruction.”

This latest track follows the audacious “Headshot,” the slice of pop perfection that arrived earlier this year. “Ethanol” was co-created with Lecx Stacy, who added grit and grime to Madge’s vision. While carving a unique lane, Madge is certainly proving their potential to be an essential crossover artist/producer this year. Stream “Ethanol” and keep your eye on this must-hear artist.

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