The new single follows the duo’s Late Bloomer EP

LA-based electro-pop outfit Soft Streak is sharing their latest single, “Reasonable Lie” and we’re loving every second. Relying on a blend of muted guitars, warm vocals, and delectable synths, the duo, consisting of Tori Schachne and Colton Toy, is serving up a total vibe while singing about toxic relationships that do more damage than good. The pair claim to be inspired by reality TV relationships and the idea of millions tuning in to see the unraveling of fabricated lives.

Accompanying the single’s release is a fitting vintage music video that’s inspired by the 1975 arthouse film, Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles. The visuals show the twisted and monotonous daily routine of a Stepford-like housewife. Watch below.


Reasonable Lie” follows the release of Soft Streak’s 2019 debut EP Late Bloomer, with each EP track portraying different personal issues such as impostor syndrome, having high expectations for yourself and lack of confidence. Stream Soft Streak on Spotify and Apple Music.

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