Die Alone EP is out on Mateo Sound

Electro-R&B artist, Saro is back to share his latest EP, Die Alone. Previously teased with the 2018 lead single, “Please,” and produced by longtime collaborator, David Burris, and the new effort finds the singer/songwriter channeling raw and visceral feelings to create some of his most delicate, vulnerable, and honest tracks to date. Stream the EP below.


Throughout Die Alone, we hear Saro matching his moody complexity with sonic volatility, with songs spanning from the haunting opener, “Duplex” to the vibrant pop-tinged “Field of Bees” and the garage-fueled urgency of “blind-listen/”>Snowblind.

For the LA-based artist, however, the track that weighs the heaviest is “Nothing Remains,” with Saro sharing “I’d just had my heart broken for the very first time in my life, and I went into the studio and sang my heart out—I didn’t really even write the lyrics, they just came out of me like a flood. By the time I was done I was shaking and so weak, I went home and slept for days.”



Hear Saro’s newest Die Alone EP and his other emotive and powerful tracks this weekend at LA Pride, next week (06/13) at Lyric Theatre.

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