Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art is out on Warner/CMNTY

Mystery sells, and hip-hop newcomer RMR is chockfull of it. As his name rumor suggests, there’s little known and much speculated about the ski-mask-wearing artist that went viral with his song “RASCAL” in February 2020. Indulgently unique, catchy, and known for its interpolation of Rascal Flatts, the song racked up millions of views and led to him signing with Warner Records and CMNTY Culture.

RMR quickly capitalized on the hype with the bass-heavy track “Dealer” and its remix featuring Future & Lil Baby. Songs that would appear on the Atlanta native’s debut EP, Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art. Like his debut song, RMR’s project, produced almost entirely by The Do Betters, fuses cross-genre influences, as seen on the reflective Timbaland-produced country trap ballad “I’m Not Over You” or the dramatic synthpop track “Silence,” while also talking about overcoming adversity (“Welfare”), relationships in different phases, vices (“Best Friend”), and achieving success (“Nouveau Riche”).

Leading up to his debut album, Hotel, RMR is drawing on these same diverse influences to create a body of work representative of the man beneath the ski mask, whoever that might be. So far, two singles, “Her Honeymoon” and “Vibes” featuring Tyla Yaweh, reveal some of the sonic diversity his new era will explore. Fresh off his debut live performance at Lolla, I connected with RMR to ask about “Rascal,” his debut EP, and upcoming album. See more below.

RMR by Matt Torres for Soundazed
RMR by Matt Torres for Soundazed
We’re connecting at your first Lollapalooza and live performance ever. What does this moment mean to you?

This is huge. This is my first live show ever. It’s a very big moment. I feel like I rock the stage, the crowd loved my energy, and I love theirs. It means a lot; it means the world; hopefully, I can play next year and years on end to come. 

You recently shared “Vibes” ft. Tyla Yaweh. Is this the beginning of your next era after Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art?

“Vibes” is definitely a new era of music. Definitely more bright than music I’ve put out before, which this next album will have more of that taste.

How will this next chapter be different than your debut EP? What are you hoping to achieve?

I’m hoping to get a wider radius. I’m hoping for more people to hear my music, and if they enjoy it and want to follow along with my journey, so be it.

Are you working with anyone in particular on the new music? Is there anyone you want to work with?

Everyone that I’m working with right now is pretty much everyone that I want to work with.

Your debut song, “Rascal,” went viral during the pandemic. What inspired you to interpolate Rascal Flatts?

I love Rascal Flatts – a lot of their music I grew up with, so I was very inspired.

Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art draws on various genres. Do you feel your music is opening listeners to new sounds? Is that important to you?

Yes, it’s very important to me for the average hip-hop listener to have variety and to grow and have different genres of music because at the end of the day, good music is good music, and that’s all that matters. 

Compelling visuals accompany your music. Do you work with the same person each time?

Basically, I come up with a lot of the ideas for it, and it’s up to a specific director of my choosing to bring that to life. I have a personal director that I work with, two of them, actually, Gabe and pressure.

What does the ski mask mean to you, and do you think it means the same for fans?

Put this on you, and you belong no matter what; this is a safe place.

What’s next for you?

Growth, at the end of the day. Growth spiritually, emotionally, mentally.

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