Saint Cloud is out via Merge Records

Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, released Saint Cloud in the spring of 2020, a collection of songs peeling through layers of her memories. The lyrics and her voice stand out the most, and they’re the core of Crutchfield’s music. Washington, DC’s Lincoln Theatre served as the perfect vessel for Katie to showcase her new work to fans and embrace the experience of her album. The blue cloud backdrop, red roses throughout the stage, and Katie in a white linen dress: symbolically Americana.

Waxahatchee opened with “Oxbow” and “Can’t Do Much,” two tracks that reflect on love but also feelings of apprehension and fear. The repeated “I want it all” and “love you that much any” set the background of new love on the latter track. It’s safer to love with space than to be crushed from the start. The emotion can be felt in the atmosphere, and that instant tears have burst for some fans.

Her song “Lilacs” filled the venue with hints of pop and showers of joy. For the most part, it was a seated show until “Fire” started to play, and everyone stood up to sway back and forth. Somber emotions from Katie, showcasing the power of lyrics and connecting energies with the crown. During the encore, she ended the night playing a cover of Dolly Parton’s “Light of Clear Blue Morning.” It was a wonderful end to a beautiful, melancholy night in DC.

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