ONUR’s “Stunnah” is out now on Icarus Records

Rising alt-R&B artist ONUR has released his second single “Stunnah.” The track follows the 22-year-old Londoner’s debut single “Beamin” and finds the young artist embracing a sexier side, often flexing his soulful falsetto over an incredibly bold and guitar-driven melody. “I’ve always loved more sensual music. And I feel as though Stunnah is just that embodiment. It’s raw, it’s aggressive, yet still delicate,” reveals the young producer/singer-songwriter.


The new single, which ONUR also notes as being a statement of “confidence, passion, and energy” is part of the singer’s forthcoming debut EP expected for release in early 2019. Stream “Stunnah” and hear it featured on the Soundazed: Chill Wave playlist on Spotify.

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