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If you don’t already know Dava – you’re truly missing out. Thankfully, today, the emerging artist is unveiling her latest single, “New Ceilings,” an R&B-tinged, anti-pop song perfectly capturing the LA-based singer-songwriter’s hypnotic appeal.

Co-written by Dava and Mike Adubato, who also produced the track, “New Ceilings,” arrives with an impactful DIY visual – shot, directed and edited by Dava with her boyfriend, Milo Lee. The video showcases a hauntingly bare Los Angeles cityscape as Dava unleashes her lush and captivating vocals. Watch below.

Since emerging with a pair of singles in 2019, Dava has carefully exposed relatable aspects of her life through her poignant lyricism and kaleidoscopic soundscapes. From her atmospheric debut song “Tuesday” to the bass-heavy, love-soaked “Hoodie Strings,” the Oklahoma native is quickly setting her path ablaze with highly-personal and emotional tracks.

The road to music, however, was anything but easy. Inspired by a challenging day where the singer faced adversities, “New Ceilings” reveals a young artist focused on realizing her goals. “The song is just about chasing your dreams but not losing yourself in the process,” Dava shares. A compelling reminder fueling the singer’s unbreakable work ethic and passionate desire to create.

Recently signed to Disruptor Records, Dava released three singles in 2020, including the irresistible bop “ASOS,” “Right Time,” and the introspective “Papercut.” Now, as the rising star prepares to release her debut EP, Sticky, we connect to discuss her path to music, creative process, and more. Read on for our latest #OnTheRise interview feature.

You’ve just shared your latest single, “New Ceilings.” What inspired its creation?

Difficult times and big aspirations. I had a bad morning. I had just moved to Los Angeles with my grandma. She’s lived with me the last few years after a bad heart attack. I was driving for Uber by day and taking sessions by night. I was mapping myself to a session when my phone got shut off. Worse things can happen, but it just felt like a reminder that the double life I was trying to live wasn’t working. It felt like imposter syndrome. I finally got to the house studio and Mike, the producer, asked me what I wanted to write about. I told him everything about my pursuit this far and why I make music. I’m really thankful to have him and to create what we did. The song is really just about chasing your dreams but not losing yourself in the process.

What did you want to portray with the accompanying visual?

My boyfriend and I started walking around with his camera, and I turned on the song and started mini-performing it on the escalator. He was like, “We should shoot a music video just for fun.” This song wasn’t on the tracklist for this project at all. Once we got going, we were obsessed. We tried all kinds of weird things that never made it into the video. I sent it to my A&R and said, “This is coming out next. Make it happen.” He was so stoked; we all were. It felt right to put something very organic out into the world, especially with the times we’re living in.

Dava “New Ceilings” by Milo Lee
Many aspiring artists will relate to the story behind “New Ceilings.” What advice do you have for rising musicians?

Remember that it’s for fun. Inspiration is everywhere.

How did your upbringing or life before moving to LA influence your music journey?

I experienced loss really early on and had to grow up really fast. Things didn’t feel fair, but there was also so much joy. I grew up with my grandma, and it’s always been us against the world, still is. Sitting in my room and learning instruments and writing songs was a product of my pursuit of happiness. It really is a dream that this is my job right now.

Do you have a particular creative process for crafting melodies or songwriting?

Melodies are my shit. I love freestyling. I usually go in with a pretty good idea of what I want to write about, and the rest is just magic. It’s weird how songs come together. It’s like they’re coming from somewhere else.

Despite an unprecedented 2020, you managed to release a total bop called “ASOS” and more personal songs like “Papercut.” Are these tracks leading to a larger release?

Bops! Yes, of course. If it were up to me, we’d have an album and a half out by now. I’m dropping a little project before summer.

What do you hope fans will gain from this forthcoming release?

I hope it can help. I think the idea behind this record is applicable to anyone. I want my fans to chase their own dreams and know that anything is possible if they’re willing to put the work in.

With concerts and festivals still on pause almost globally, what is something you’re looking forward to this year?

Just taking the time to get better and more thoughtful about each piece of art that I make.

The title of your song, “ASOS,” reminded me of the online retailer! Do you have any must-wear fashion items defining your style this year?

ASOS is a kick-ass brand. Having it be in the song was completely random – it just rhymed – but I also found it much more relatable than talking about more expensive, less accessible brands. I’ve been loving accessorizing with thrifted items.

What’s next for Dava?

A lot more music, including my debut EP, better visuals, and hopefully a ton of merch. But also, I hope I get to grow with my friends and team beside me. We need a few world tours.

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