LA-based producer Brandon Leslie of the electro-pop duo Stalgia has unveiled his first solo singles under the new moniker Obeehave. Released as a two-track EP called Slumgum, the debut is led by the pulsing electro-house single, “Go Slow” featuring Stalgia and complemented by the menacing hip-hop, EDM crossover “Transit” featuring Florida rapper Blvck Svm.

While informed by different genres, the songs carry common threads of exploration, self-discovery, capture a person’s evolution. The same senses trace back to the origins of Brandon’s new project, which are as pure as they are completely mind-bending.

Navigating a difficult mental health year, Obeehave was introduced to the world of plant medicine, psychedelics, and micro-dosing LSD, as a form of alternative medicine – opening and healing his brain synapses in ways he never imagined. It also led to a larger appreciation for the visually stunning and euphoric elements of electronic music.

The buzzing energy behind Obeehave’s dance-leaning releases also points to influences drawn from bumblebees, which are both peaceful and fierce if provoked. Much like the energetic yet chill dichotomy of Brandon’s tracks. Inspired by our flying, pollinating friends, the LA producer is committed to sharing earnings with bee conservation efforts and is also donating to MAPS

“Go Slow” and “Transit” are Obeehave’s first solo singles but a year of experimenting with sounds on IG Live and other mediums has led to a honeypot of unreleased gems ready to get stuck in your head. Check out “Transit” below and keep an eye out for Obeehave.

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