“Can I Be Forgiven” is out on Propeller Recordings

Norwegian outfit Highasakite is back with “Can I Be Forgiven,” the first excerpt from their upcoming two-part mini-album, The Bare Romantic. Led by Ingrid Helene Håvik‘s powerful vocal, the track builds from organic guitar-led origins into a pulsing and glitchy soundscape, creating an intriguing piece that feels equally intimate and universal.
“Can I Be Forgiven” is featured on The Bare Romantic: Part I, due for release on October 18th. Part II will arrive in 2020. News of the album arrives as a surprise following the February release of the band’s third album, Uranium Heart.

The Bare Romantic sees the involvement of former Jaga Jazzistand Puma’s guitarist Stian Westerhus, traditional and fiddle composer Sarah-Jane Summers, as well as their regular live band members’ Øystein Moenand Kristoffer Bonsaksen, with the latter also sharing production duties with Highasakite’s member Trond Bersu. Fans anxious for new Highasakite music can see the band at The Garage in London on April 16th. Tickets are available here.

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