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19-year-old Filipino-Australian artist Ylona Garcia has unveiled, “All That,” her debut on 88rising label Paradise Rising.

On the summer-ready jam, Garcia unleashes a much-needed anthem for moving forward and leaving behind the toxicity in life, which is proving especially vital during the life-altering pandemic era the world continues to experience.

Whether you finally shook off a dead-end relationship, bossed up, or just want a feel-good track to dance off the gloom of 2020, Ylona’s got you covered with the funky basslines, pop-driven synths, drums, and catchy hooks of “All That.”

Created alongside Peter Hanna (Jonas Brothers, The Chainsmokers) and GRAMMY-nominated Michael Fatkin (Nathasha Bedingfield, Hillsong UNITED), Ylona’s Paradise Rising debut marks an exciting pivot for the rising star.

Since first appearing as a cast member on ABS-CBN’s reality show Pinoy Big Brother in 2015, Ylona Garcia has quickly become a popular artist in the Philippines. She has amassed millions of followers across social platforms, released a gold-certified EP in 2016, multiple singles, and has been on various shows throughout the years as a performer, guest, and cast member.

Now signed with Paradise Rising, Ylona makes her first major pivot toward the mainstream with a total bop filled with confidence, determination, and a reminder to leave the past behind. The song arrives alongside a Suz Kim-directed music video with TikTok-ready choreo by Talia Kuo between amusing clips playing on all of the mundane experiences we’re lucky to leave behind in 2020.

On the heels of her debut single with 88rising, SOUNDAZED connects with Ylona Garcia to discuss her journey as a successful young entertainer, her new single and video “All That,” connecting with her new label, and more. Read on below.


At just 19, you’ve already achieved notable success in/around the Philippines. How has that experience prepared you for this next chapter of your career?

Due to a lot of interesting experiences, I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons for both the career side of things as well as the personal side of things. But one thing I’ll always be grateful for in regards to preparing is listening to your gut. You’re gonna hear A LOT from people; left, right, in front of you, and behind. It can get LOUD. And it’s easy to get caught up in it to the point where you lose yourself. Always try your best to listen to YOU.

Does your Filipino-Australian background influence the music you’re making now or plan to release?

Of course. It’s part of who I am. And with that being said, you don’t have to pick apart the music I make and find what’s Filipino and what’s Australian. The whole piece is IT. It’s me.

You’ve recently signed with 88rising/Paradise Rising. What are you most looking forward to with this new endeavor?

Working with them on more projects. They’re quite a fun and efficient group.

We’re connecting as you share your latest single, “All That.” What inspired its creation?

I tend to go through a lot of phases where I catch myself doing and saying things that aren’t good for me. And sometimes even dangerous for me. I like things to have balance and direction. And at that time, I was just fed up with myself (always telling myself “Nah, I’ll do this tomorrow” when I can clearly do it now and “I don’t need sleep I’ll be just fine,” but my body was suffering the consequences and I was self-sabotaging myself). I was in my own way. With that in mind, studio sessions helped me pour my frustrations into doing something productive hence the creation of my single “All That.”

The new single is a total anthem for shaking off a dreadful year, but what is one good thing about 2020 you don’t want to forget?

One good thing about 2020 was being able to see an opportunity to strengthen the relationships with the people I care about at a time where most people would justifiably go crazy. When everything was on lockdown and people were still on a break from work due to quarantine, all my relationships felt kinda magnified because we didn’t have anything else to do but be with each other in a household that we can’t leave. And, we didn’t wanna catfight our way to who gets the tv, so we decided to talk through a lot of things in a civil manner and came out the other side stronger.

The song arrives with a perfectly choreographed music video. What did you want to portray with this visual?


The video looked like it was a lot of fun to make. What was your favorite part of the process?

Working with and learning from really cool people. I also got to have a few friends from my childhood participate in the music video, so that was really fun.

“All That” is the most pop-driven song you’ve made yet. Is this a strong sign of what to expect from your upcoming music?

Yup, yup, and YIPEEE.

Is “All That” part of a larger upcoming release? What can fans expect from this forthcoming EP/album?

“Maybe, maybe not,” she says with a villainous laugh.

The songs leading up to your most recent single, like “Spilt Milk” and “Space,” have strong electro/R&B melodies. Will you delve deeper into that sound in the future?

Of course.

Last year, you covered Ariana Grande’s “Winter Things” during your performance at 88rising’s Double Happiness Winter Festival. Who is an artist you wish would cover one of your songs?

Michael Jackson.

Are there any other artists inspiring you currently?

Vivaldi, Motzart and Joe Hisashi.

What’s next for Ylona Garcia?


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