Boys Toys is out via LLT Records

Austrian rising artist Mavi Phoenix released his debut album, Boys Toys, today. A concept album about the reality of transitioning genders. The title “Boys Toys” also represents an alter ego and the boy he never got to be as a kid. On the album, the high pitched voice we hear on tracks like “Scary Thoughts” is a deeper insight into this alter ego and the duality felt.

According to Mavi, gender stereotyping and dysphoria made it hard for him as a child to navigate life and play with toys that were considered “boys toys.” Topics that are explored throughout and on the previously-released “bullet in my heart” video.

The artist further elaborated in stating: “be yourself and don’t be ashamed of who you are. Unleash your full potential. I was so caught up in being a woman – I always thought I couldn’t do anything, even though I’ve felt like a guy since I was little. I missed out on a lot of things because of that.”

Boys Toys was released via Mavi’s independent record label, LLT Records, and was produced by his best friend Alex The Flipper, as well as NVDES, Yakob, Rip Swirl, and Markus Ganter. The record is musically diverse, following the journey of Boys Toy through interesting phases of life while freely exploring spectrums of sounds and delivering a cohesive must-hear album.

In addition to the record, the music video for “Choose Your Fighter” was also released today, featuring clips from previous live performances. Mavi is set to be back on the road this November after having to reschedule tour dates due to the pandemic. See all future dates here and stream Boys Toys.

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