Season High is out via Loma Vista Records

They say too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. For Little Dragon, that is certainly not the case. Though a lot of discussions have been thrown around regarding the group being featured on massive tracks and the potential dilution of their unique sound, Little Dragon’s new album and live show demonstrate the complete opposite. The Swedish act, who released their fifth album Season High in April, is currently touring the U.S. with an incredible live show. From the very beginning, Little Dragon drew from their growing and distinct discography — brushing the dust off “Crystalfilm” before weaving it into tracks from their new album.

Yukimi Nagano lit the crowd, revealing two amazing, neon glowing outfits — and that was just the tip of the iceberg. The band pulled fans through a journey of eargasmic electropop that left us wondering where the time had gone. The show was mesmerizing. Drawing from the new album, lead singer Yukimi grooved through dance-inducing tracks “Strobe Light,” “Sweet,” and “Celebrate” – among others. Despite a 4 song encore, fans still wanted more. A feeling that very few bands can truly evoke.

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