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Rising LA band Liily is ushering in an entirely new generation of frenzied alternative rock and it may be exactly what the genre needs. Earlier this year, the band released their debut EP, I Can Fool Anybody In This Town and its complete chaos led by Dylan Nash’s howling vocals, Maxx Morando on drums, Sam De La Torre on guitar, and Charlie Anastasis on bass.

Though “Sepulveda Basin” contains a slower burn reminiscent of Portugal. The Man – the EP’s lead singles “Toro” and “Sold” are adrenaline-filled tracks ready to blast off with their blistering drums, buzzing guitars, and impassioned, puncturing performances.
Liily @ Lollapalooza 2019 (Matt Torres/Soundazed)

We caught up with lead vocalist Dylan Nash and drummer Maxx Morando moments after their set at Lollapalooza and ahead of the release of their upcoming debut album to discuss their debut EP, upcoming single, “Wash,” touring with Bad Suns, and more. Read on below for the full scoop.


Liily – it’s great to chat with you guys. How did you all first get together as a band?

M: We all knew each other and ran in the same circle of friends. Some of us went to school together and some of us have known each other since we were around seven. So, that’s how we all sort of got together.

How’s your Lollapalooza experience been? I know you played an aftershow with Mondo Cozmo last night and just owned the BMI Stage today.

D: It’s been really cool. We got to see The Strokes, IDLES, and our set was great today.

You debut EP, I Can Fool Anybody In This Town, was released in March and it’s lyrically really great. What’s been your process for creating and writing?

D: We’ve had most of those songs since we were like 15 or 16 years old and I think a lot of our influence was very much Foals a lot of that alternative sound. I think we’re just excited to write a record or put together any compilation of music and so I think it’s more about the lyrical aspect and the energy.

Do you guys have a favorite when performing live?

M: We’re performing a lot of newer stuff, so I think one of those, like “Wash.” We’ve also been performing “Sold” and “Toro” a lot because those are our two singles currently as well.

I’m sure you guys are constantly creating. Will fans get to hear anything new out of Liily soon?

D: I believe we’re releasing singles in September – so that’s going to be interesting.

Is that leading up to a larger release?

M: Yeah, beginning of next year. Hopefully, we’ll have an album out.

Will you be working with the same producer, Mark Rankin, again for your debut album?

M: Maybe in the future, but with this record, we’re actually working with a new producer. His name is Justin Raisen, he worked Yves Tumor, Sky Ferreira, and a bunch of other people, so we’re excited to collaborate with him.

Will the album feature your track “Wash” from the Breakfast Festival City/Valley album?

D: We actually just finished recording a studio version of that track, so we’re probably going to put that out as one of our first two singles. As soon as possible.

It’s been a few months since we’ve gotten a music video out of you guys. Will we see one soon?

M: Yeah, we’re actually making one right now for “Wash” and it’s going to be really different from anything we’ve made so far. It’ll be more art-driven. Sam does all of our art and he’s directing the video, setting it all up, so it’ll be fun.

D: They took scans of our faces, so we’re going to be in but not actually.

M: You’ll see, it’s very exciting.

Liily @ Lollapalooza (Matt Torres/Soundazed)
What do you guys have ahead? I know you’re touring with Bad Suns soon.

D: Yeah, we’re excited for that. We actually met them randomly at this Kentucky radio thing and we hung out with them there. Then we hung out with them again right before our current tour – they’re really cool guys. We also know Ultra Q and have some acquaintances there, so it’ll be a great time overall on the tour. Tickets are available here.

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