Wonder EP is out via 300 Entertainment

Rising artist Hope Waidley is sharing her new EP, Wonder. The 5-track release arrives following her most recent singles “It Rains in Michigan” and “Born Again.” See her latest music video below.

Wonder captures the 20-year-old artist seeking an understanding of shared human experiences while poetically reflecting on her own intimate encounters. While on a truth-seeking journey, Waidley’s soulful and raspy voice radiates with polished intensity as she ponders over singularity, connection, and the world’s vastness. Among the five songs, the EP’s title track shines a spotlight on Hope’s unique storytelling, while songs like “Fade” provide a clear view of the potent emotions evoked from her soaring vocals.

Hope Waidley’s newest EP is her first with 300 Entertainment. It follows her 2017 debut EP, Hope, and a handful of one-off singles. With an unforgettable voice and just starting to grasp at the sensibilities of her full potential, Hope Waidley is certainly just getting started. Even so, Wonder proves she’s already on the right track.

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