The elusive Frank Ocean is back with two new acoustic tracks, “Cayendo” and “Dear April.”

On his first two singles of the year, he shares soulful love ballads that in usual Frank fashion pull at the heartstrings. Since the 2016 release of Blonde, we have received a stream of one-off tracks but are yet to receive details of an upcoming body of work. Either way, we just received two formerly vinyl-only tracks on streaming services and they’re worth playing on repeat.

“Cayendo” is a heartfelt ballad about loving someone who can’t feel the same about you. Frank sings about the ups and downs of craving someone, coming up disappointed, but still not being able to stop loving them. The acoustic performance leaves only Frank accompanied by a dreamy reverb engulfed guitar in the background that allows you to feel every lyric. Frank even sings a few lines in Spanish, something we haven’t heard until now.

The second track “Dear April” recounts two strangers who met, fell in love, lived, and learned. Accompanied by an organ this track feels like it could have also fit well on Blonde. Frank has a way of immersing you into the mood of his lyrics you become lost in the feelings, not even noticing the minimalistic song structure guiding the track.

These two very solid tracks from Frank Ocean are keeping us all on our toes and begging for a new album. Ahead of his confirmed headlining set at Coachella in October, let’s hope we get to hear more from the channel Orange crooner. Stream Frank Ocean’s new tracks here.

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