Hi This Is Flume is out now on Future Classic

Australian electronic artist Flume (aka Harley Streten) just dropped a sick 38-minute mixtape called Hi This Is Flume and you need to check it out. The mix contains Harley’s first new music since 2016s Grammy-winning album, Skin and features JPEGMAFIA, SOPHIE, Kučka and more. See the full tracklist below.


Flume’s new mix is also accompanied by a colorful visual component just as stunning as the music — check out Jonathan Zawada video above. Let’s hope this new release means the “Never Be ike You” mastermind has more up his sleeve soon individually and with SOPHIE.


1. Hi This Is Flume
2. Ecdysis
3. High Beams (feat. slowthai & HWLS)
4. Jewel
6. Dreamtime
7. SOPHIE – Is It Cold In The Water? (Flume and Eprom Remix)
8. How To Build A Relationship (feat. JPEGMAFIA)
9. Wormhole
10. Voices (feat. SOPHIE and Kučka)
11. MUD
12. Upgrade
13. 71m3
14. Vitality
15. Daze 22.00
16. Amber
17. Spring (with Eprom)

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