Today, we present a special performance of “Front Lawn” by Baltimore-based artist Xavier Gibson. Out today, the song exudes a warm sound I’ve been missing since summer ended and demonstrates the unique blend of experimental r&b, indie pop, pop-punk, and hip hop that influence Xavier’s music and will make you melt.

“Front Lawn is a song I wrote about this person’s lawn that I was obsessed over when we were together,” shares Gibson. “They had a roommate they stayed with and some nights when so many things built up in my head and made me feel so anxious, I would go over to their crib, and we would lay outside on their lawn and just talk, dream, smoke, and feel free.”

xavier gibson 3
Xavier Gibson by Isabela Torres (Soundazed)

“This record makes me feel really good. This record is so loud – I want listeners to feel free, I want them to feel total bliss. I want all those endorphins to shoot off. This song may be a bit sad but that’s okay, we can dance with tears in our eyes :,).”

Born and raised in Maryland, the emerging artist contemplates the influences he’s drawn from his surroundings and the thriving music scene that has long existed. “Baltimore is beautiful. So many artists are leading the city in such a beautiful direction I feel like in a few years it’s gonna be talked about around the world like the way we talk about the west coast or about New York. I’m proud to be a Baltimore artist.”

xavier gibson 2
Xavier Gibson by Isabela Torres (Soundazed)

Since first hitting the scene in 2017, Xavier has released a steady number of releases, garnering nearly one million streams on Spotify. With “Front Lawn,” Gibson’s creative experimentation, fusion of genres, and emotional lyricism are once again at the forefront of his chameleonic music, making for an unmissable release.

Looking beyond a pandemic year and his new fifth single, the rising artist has sights on releasing more music. “After “Front Lawn,” I think I’m gonna fully dive back into this project. The project is called “I’m fine it’s just my allergies” and I feel like it’s just a pile of very soppy, two drinks in, sad music and I’m a bit proud of this baby because it’s mainly produced by me and a few homies. I’ve been working on it for a bit but I’m having fun making each song not rushing it.” See his performance below.

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