“Losing Sleep” is out on Ultra Records

Canadian duo DVBBS and acclaimed rapper Powfu join forces to deliver the showstopping new single, “Losing Sleep,” a collaboration made for summer playlists.

The sun-kissed track breaks new ground for DVBBS and Powfu, alike. Combining the duo’s dance sensibilities with Powfu’s melancholic lyricism, “Losing Sleep” is not your typical EDM fare. A simple acoustic guitar lick is accompanied by a driving, heavy bass that only gets bigger as the track reaches its glittering climax. 

Powfu’s vocals, however, are truly the secret weapon of this track. Foregoing the usual sing-rap style that accompanies his biggest hits, Powfu’s delivery here is reminiscent of the pop-punk bands we worshipped in the early 2000s, giving the track an immediately infectious throwback vibe to contrast DVBBS’s slick production.

The music video for “Losing Sleep” is equally as joyous. Filled with bouncy castles, blue skies, and flashing lights, it is a sweet reminder to us all that good times are ahead. DVBBS put it best on their Twitter, where they gleefully declared, ‘summer is here!!!’ 

“Losing Sleep” is one of many teasers the duo have released for their as-yet-unnamed upcoming album, which is due imminently. Stream the new track here.

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