“Puppy” is out via LuckyMe

Doss is back with a hypnotic new song, “Puppy,” four minutes of relentlessly dreamy ’00s electronica. Highlighted by angelic vocals, filtered synths, and Doss’s trance-leaning production, the nostalgic song will be stuck in your head after just one play and remind you of those late-night drives when the radio pumped Europop and DJs as you gazed down a dark road.

“Puppy” marks the artist’s first release in nearly seven years, following her 2014 self-titled EP. Listen below.

Sharing on the single, Doss says: “I had an ex once who called me Puppy, you know what I mean. I had fallen in love with their family and friends while we were together, so it wasn’t just about the person or the breakup with them, but about losing the whole world that had been so vibrant and intimate and important and familial. We had been broken up for a while, like maybe three months, and I got invited to a birthday party and decided to drive last minute. Driving back at 2 a.m. to Maryland, I was sort of parsing through how sweet and welcoming they had been, but how I knew that it would never be like how it was before and what to do with all of those feelings. There’s nothing like the feeling of a solitary night drive home, thinking about life.”

Now based in New York, Doss first released music with the taste-making Montreal label Acephalé. An underground fixture in music and design, she’s made major fans of artists like the late SOPHIE, with whom she toured in 2018 and had an ongoing collaboration, and Porter Robinson, who helped Doss trend on Twitter when she played his Secret Sky festival. Last year, Lady Gaga highlighted Doss on her Women of Choice playlist for Apple Music and featured her as a DJ at her album release party, in collaboration with PAPER.

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