“This Is One DJ You Don’t Want To Fuck With” is out now: STREAM

There are some DJs you just don’t want to fuck with. Count Baldor is one of them and he’s making it known. Releasing his debut single, “This Is One DJ You Don’t Want To Fuck With,” the London producer shows off his knack for blending hardstyle synths and mind-melting guitar shredding with melodic electropop. The track arrives with a video directed by Dorian Electra and Weston Allen. Watch below.

In January, Count Baldor flexed his euphoric clubland and frenetic pop influences on the official remix of Dorian Electra’s “Adam & Steve.” He also recently remixed Alice Longyu Gao’s “Rich Bitch Juice.”​ In addition to working with GFOTY, Zebra Katz, Dylan Brady, Sega Bodega, Umru, Clarence Clarity, and others, Baldor is a member of the party battalion ​Planet Fun. Stream his new track below.

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