“Good Ones” is out via Asylum/Warner

Fresh from the desk of XCX World Headquarters, pop superstar Charli XCX has finally released her new single “Good Ones,” a bombastic synthpop banger that takes us to the depths of hell and back, whether we like it or not.

Featuring production by Oscar Holter (Katy Perry, Troye Sivan), the track finds Charli embracing pure pop once again, to the suspected horror of her die-hard hyperpop fans. However, there is nothing to fear here, other than perhaps Charli herself. With a throbbing synth bassline that channels Eurythmics in all their ’80s glory, “Good Ones” is a relentlessly fun track that laments the singer’s inability to keep a healthy relationship, as Charli is drawn back to the dark, time and time again.

But, this is no dirge we are talking about. Rather, it is a siren, a beckoning call to face your own inner darkness. One can only imagine this track playing on the dancefloor of a fully-packed gay club, shifting the energy from joyous into something more sinister. “I always let the good ones go,” Charli sings on the hook, a line that is simple but oh so relatable. In a chart that is largely characterized by minimalist pop and hip-hop, XCX’s new track sounds truly ahead of the curve.

Visually, “Good Ones” follows suit. After four weeks of teasing cryptic visuals involving blood, tombstones, and quotes about ‘selling your soul,’ the official music video doesn’t disappoint with its unrelenting dance sequences, gaudy poses, and cinematics.

Charli XCX has always treaded the line between the mainstream and the underground, giving her the creative freedom to explore and expand. With “Good Ones,” the music icon has returned to the pop greatness of True Romance, albeit with more bite. The Devil works hard, but Charli XCX works harder. Stream here.

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