Recently, multi-platinum DJ/producer, Alan Walker released “Heading Home,” with Norwegian pop singer, Ruben.

The World of Walker Trilogy is finally complete with Alan Walker‘s “Heading Home” marking the last single of the chapter. Walker has previously played “Heading Home” live but has continuously worked on it since. Only now releasing the final version.

Walker elaborates on the story behind the song: “Just based on that live performance, it soon became a fan favorite among Walkers. They’ve kept requesting for it to be released, so it’s great to finally get it out.” Walker released the original demo that he had once performed live along with the revised single.

Walker’s production style comes out very prominently on this track. It is accompanied by lyrics about his loneliness as a “one-man show.” The lyrics reminisce on a more optimistic past life and discuss what seems to be an inner conflict with a present state of isolation.

From Alan Walker’s “Heading Home”:

“I remember when we were young. We’d write our names in the sand. So carelessly. Then the rain came and yours was gone. And now mine it stands alone”

Walker has a unique ability to release music that is so distinctly his style and sound. Especially, for an artist that has been in the industry for so long. His combination of soothing guitar, dynamic synths, pulsating percussion, and vulnerable vocals create a sound that is unmistakably Alan Walker. “Heading Home” is true to this unique and nostalgic sound that his fans know and love.

Walker takes storytelling through music to a new level with the World of Walker saga. The music video accompanying “Heading Home” can only be described as captivating. Furthermore, the production completely immersed itself in telling the story by shooting the video on location in Cambodia. Significant contributor and World of Walker architect, Kristian Berg directed the video. Take a look at the World of Walker Saga below! It has become clear to fans that his film productions have become a huge part of his identity as an audiovisual artist. We hope that the audiovisual experience only continues to grow since the release of his first video in 2015.

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