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sara landry

Sara Landry Details New ‘Sacrifice’ EP & More: Interview

Sacrifice EP is out via Kraftek Music This week, rising techno powerhouse Sara Landry unveiled her compelling new EP, Sacrifice. An unrelenting and ominous two-song release laden with haunting vocal samples, a nod to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and distinctly powerful production.   The EP is a culmination of thousands of hours dedicated to...

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March 2020: 15 Must-Hear Electronic Tracks

For 6+ hours of unstoppable dance music, follow our monthly playlist There’s nothing better than shutting off the world and dancing until your legs give in. So, in the spirit of staying home, creating your own dance party, and grooving hard — here are March 2020’s 15 must-hear electronic tracks that had me wishing I...

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