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Pauline Herr

Pauline Herr Debuts New Single, “Keep Me”: Stream

“Keep Me” follows Pauline’s single, “Different“ Today, singer/songwriter Pauline Herr is debuting her second solo produced single, “Keep Me” and we’re loving every second of it. Driven by Pauline’s captivating voice, the dark pop melody, glitchy synths, and distorted sounds make for a strong follow-up to Pauline’s single, “Different.”   “Keep Me” is one of many...

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Stream Pauline Herr’s Debut Solo Single, “Different”

Pauline Herr’s “Different” is out now – stream below Today, singer/songwriter Pauline Herr is debuting her first solo produced single, “Different,” and the results are divine. Driven by raw emotion, we’re hanging onto every syllable as Pauline’s words pour straight out of her heart and onto a vibrant melody with washes of drums and subtle licks...

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We update our Spotify playlists regularly, so be sure to follow us to keep up We’ve updated our Keep Me Buzzin playlist on Spotify for the month.. This month’s cover features Cardi B. She had an explosive 2017, and this year will be astronomical. The NY rapper is currently nominated for 2 Grammys for her hit “Bodak...

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