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Disclosure Shares Incredible Third Album, ‘ENERGY’

Energy is out via Capitol Records Disclosure returns today with the release of their third studio album, ENERGY. To celebrate the release, the duo unveiled the official video for “Birthday” featuring Kehlani & Syd. They also welcomed fans into an immersive meta-verse within Minecraft inspired by the album’s vibrant world and announced a series of 2021 European/U.K. tour...

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March 2020: 15 Must-Hear Electronic Tracks

For 6+ hours of unstoppable dance music, follow our monthly playlist There’s nothing better than shutting off the world and dancing until your legs give in. So, in the spirit of staying home, creating your own dance party, and grooving hard — here are March 2020’s 15 must-hear electronic tracks that had me wishing I...

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Madeon, Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, Mall Grab, & Disclosure: 5 Must-See DJ Live Streams

The Music Industry Is Reeling from COVID 19: Here’s How You Can Help We’re living in strange times where it’s clear there are more questions than answers. Through it all, however, music and some of the world’s best artists are stepping up to provide uplifting breaks from reality. Over the past week, artists from all...

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Disclosure Shares “Ecstasy” EP & Takes Fans Track by Track: Listen

Ecstasy EP is out via Capitol Records Disclosure comes out swinging with a five-track EP, Ecstasy, their first compilation release since 2018. The title of this EP is spot on given the sounds and groove of each track are full of bliss and make the listener want to sway back and forth and just let go....

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