Kiiara, Petit Biscuit, Gallant, and SOPHIE among list

While 2016 has been a monumental year for established artists such as Adele, Drake, and many more — we turn our attention to the artists who have been tirelessly working and preparing for their much-deserved moment in the spotlight. Check out Vol. 1 of the artists you need to know!


From hardware store clerk to minted electropop sensation — Kiiara is quickly on the rise. Delivering crushing lyrics over smooth bass-heavy beats, Kiiara proves that talent among the pop world is anything but gone. Her debut single “Gold” which was released last October is burning up the Billboard Top 40, and was recently featured in an Apple commercial. Check out the Felix Snow produced track, and if you’re really digging Kiiara’s sound — then check out our personal favorite Feels — you won’t be disappointed!


This DMV-native is rapidly cementing his place in the R&B world. Hitting powerful notes that end in silky-smooth falsettos, this Prince-esque artist will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. Coming off tours with Zhu and Sufjan Stevens, multiple festivals, and now headlining his own tour — Gallant will soon be a household name. Please, do yourself a favor and listen to his debut album Ology – currently streamable for free on SoundCloud.


With “EDM” infiltrating all sorts of genres — Scottish producer, SOPHIE has managed to carve out an unrivaled and unique electronic sound. Aside from producing songs for QT, Madonna, and most recently, Charli XCX’s new EP — SOPHIE released his first album ‘Product’ in late 2015 to critical acclaim. Check out his album above or on SoundCloud.


Giving artists like Lorde and Birdy a run for their money is Norwegian electro-folk singer, Aurora. Equipped with an ethereally angelic voice – Aurora is one of the most interesting artists to emerge in recent years. Humble and at times shy in interviews, Aurora’s booming voice and quiet falsettos reverberate throughout every track like liquid gold. A self-described warrior –  Aurora sings  about viewing the world as others, love, and the challenges of life. Check out her newest single I Went Too Far – and definitely check out Running With The Wolves from her debut EP.


Don’t sleep on checking out Canadian singer-songwriter, Allie X. While similar to artists like Marina + the Diamonds and Broods — Allie has an exciting sound and vibe ready to rock the pop world. An incredible conception of dark lyrics and upbeat synth-pop course through her growing discography. Check out the video for her latest single All the Rage — from her upcoming sophomore album CollXtion II. Also check out our personal favorite – Bitch.


Unless you’ve spent the last year hiding under a rock – you’ve definitely heard Petit Biscuit’s massive hit, Sunset Lover. The single, which has since garnered 15 million plays on SoundCloud alone, has put this 16 year-old French producer on the map. Beautifully layered and chopped electronic sounds — reminiscent of artists like Odesza — fill Petit Biscuit’s eponymous and self-released EP. Check out our current favorite, Jungle!


With every refreshingly mesmerizing note – Julien Baker is climbing the ranks of established women in alternative rock. Powering through autobiographical lyrics of nostalgia, regret, and at times sadness– listeners find themselves lost in their emotions and completely captivated by the 20 year-old singer-songwriter. Since the release of her debut album Sprained Ankle – Julien has toured across the U.S. and will soon be opening for Kevin Devine in select cities. Check out her live performance of Something!


While the Zimbabwe-born artist (formerly known as Tinashé) is not new to the music scene — his latest effort as Rationale has created waves across multiple genres bringing in a slew of new listeners. A mix of R&B and synth-pop, Rationale finds himself at a sonic crossroad that he blends effortlessly. What sets him apart are his mix of deep vocals, sharp lyrics, and upbeat electronic tunes. Whether dancing or reminiscing – Rationale’s music will infiltrate your soul. His debut EP, Fuel to the Fire is currently available for streaming on SoundCloud.


Although she’s released a few singles over the past few years, it seems Laurel is finally hitting her stride. 2016 has seen the London-based artist release two new incredible tracks. With a beautifully unique voice, Laurel methodically entrances listeners with her intimate and open lyrics — a lethal combination that have made artists such as Lana Del Rey and Florence + the Machine global successes. While the comparisons can be made, there is a certain rawness and artistry that makes Laurel stand apart from her musical counterparts. If you like San Francisco, check out Laurel’s Life Worth Living.


Coming out of seemingly nowhere, pop trio Terror Jr have released five infectious tracks over the last four months. A mix of fun pop beats, altered vocals, and memorable hooks are prevalent on every track so far – a difficult feat for many new-coming artists. Their debut track 3 Strikes first went viral after being used in a cosmetics commercial. Since then, the anonymous trio have been tirelessly working on their debut EP which will feature 8 tracks and will be released soon.


Riding high on the heels of their debut single Deluca – Swedish dream-pop act – Ruby Empress are surely a band to keep your eye on. Within seconds of playing this Summer jam – you can’t help but find yourself wrapped in the euphoric adventure of sounds reminiscent of Tame Impala. The song is a journey worth taking multiple times. It’s complex – yet simple and beautiful. It touches all the right chords and pulls all the right strings. For now, we can only hope this is the tip of the iceberg for Ruby Empress.


Artists You Need to Know

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