Toulouse is right: there is no running from him. His track, found on the new Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack, is just the beginning for the New York-based artist. Aside from currently opening for pop goddess, Banks — Toulouse is quickly wooing mass waves of new listeners with his smooth voice and bone-shaking beats. Hours away from a new release with SG Lewis, and days away (as of 06/08) from a new single — Toulouse has his foot on the gas and is ready to take his space in the music realm.

Toulouse’s most recent tour stop found him in the nation’s capital. Dancing through a circle of strobes and heavy beats left the crowd mesmerized and wanting more. Luckily, more is on the way. Toulouse is currently set to release his debut EP in August, and after seeing his performance, it’s without a doubt going to be followed by a tour you won’t want to miss. Check out our photos from the show while streaming Tolu’s latest: It Is Well.

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